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Historical landfill in Differdange

Building owner

ArcelorMittal Luxembourg



Due to the obligation to close the Differdange landfill, all excavated soils coming from Luxembourgish steelmaking sites (Schlassgoart domain, Slag heap of Ehlerange, Slap heap of Galgenbierg in Belvaux, CEPS site in Differdange, Lazzara site in Niederkorn, Rocade worksite in Differdange), will have to be sanitized which will be included in the profiling layer. The project is divided in 3 phases:

  • Establishment of an inventory of the studies and an action plan.
  • Execution of the studies and release of necessary permissions for the filling and covering of the historical landfill as well as for the sanitation of the here above mentioned sites.
  • Profiling and water tightness works renaturing of the historical landfill.

Key figures

Gross volume

650 m3

Gross surface

50.000 m2

Project duration

04.2014 – 07.2020

Site works duration

07.2016 – 07.2020

Our missions

  • State of play, inventory of the studies, actions plan
  • Support and coordination of the studies and works for the whole project
  • Management and monitoring of the specifications & requests for proposals
  • Establishment and monitoring of the studies and works schedule
  • Budget management/Financial monitoring
  • Control of the invoices/Establishment of payment receipts
  • Lead of coordination and site meetings
  • Assistance to commissioning

Design team

Technical Engineer

Technique Asmus&Prabucki, Essen

Accredited bodies

Luxcontrol in collaboration with Grundbaulabor Trier

Construction company

Lingenheld T.P., Alsace

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