17/01/2024 – ESR label: The concept of sustainability at Paul Wurth Geprolux


18 January 2024

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Aware of the immense challenges we are facing in a world in transition, the concept of sustainability at Paul Wurth Geprolux has been integrated into our corporate culture and has become an integral part of our services.

The principles of ESR, social, ecological and economic sustainability affect all areas of activity at Paul Wurth Geprolux. However, they are actively implemented in the context of our consultancy services for sustainable construction.

Here, Paul Wurth Geprolux supports its customers in the development of refurbishment strategies for existing buildings, in the life cycle assessment and certification of buildings or in the realisation of new construction or refurbishment projects that comply with the principles of the circular economy. The consultancy service can aim to achieve maximum space efficiency, a responsible choice of materials or a particularly high energy efficiency standard. The common overall goal remains the responsible use of resources for the benefit of future generations.

However, sustainability aspects are not only covered by our specific consultancy services for sustainable construction. At a certain stage in the planning process, almost every construction project in Luxembourg has to deal with strategic environmental aspects. With our interdisciplinary teams of specialised planners, we try to grasp the high complexity and multi-layered nature of the tasks and find appropriate solutions.

Another major challenge is balancing today’s project requirements of an economic or functional nature with the demands of future generations. In line with the concept of sustainability, it is important to find a sensitive balance here.

In addition to targeted consulting services and the integration of the concept of sustainability into ongoing project work, our commitment to the ESG principles is evident in the small gestures of everyday working life. For example, through the promotion of soft mobility for internal commuting and the decarbonisation of the company’s own vehicle fleet. Or the social commitment to supporting associations in the Hollerich neighbourhood. We are very proud that this commitment has been honoured by the award of the ESR label and that we are now part of the family of ESR-certified Luxembourg companies.”


Article published on 17th January on the INDR website (L’Institut National pour le Développement durable et la Responsabilité sociale des entreprises)

Paul Wurth Geprolux acte pour le développement durable – INDR

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