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ArcelorMittal Poland

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ArcelorMittal Poland



The new rolling mill for the production of rebars and merchant bars is built on an existing industrial site of ArcelorMittal which remained in service during the construction period. Before building the new hall, we first had to free and clean the footprint. The hall itself is a functional and simple architecture, low-cost, with a light steel structure, an effective isolation against the cold and a concrete pavement over the entire floor.

Key figures

Built volume

500.000 m3

Built surface

30.000 m2

Project duration

2005 – 2007

Construction period

2006 – 2007

Our missions

  • Project preparation
  • Project management
  • Design coordination
  • Permitting
  • Budget management
  • Contract management
  • Site supervision (until the process installation)

Design team


Biprostal–Burks Green

Civil Engineer

Russula, Burks Green, Erecta

Technical Engineer

KTP Pologne

Process Engineer

Danieli Italie

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