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Extension of « NEIE LYCEE » School Building

Building owner

Ministry of Education / Ministry of Finance



After two years of service, the modular and temporary building of the «Neie Lycée» became so successful that the existing building needed to be extended due to an increase in attendance. With this effect, Paul Wurth Geprolux planned and organized a large extension to the school building which included seven more classrooms. During this effort, there was no interruption to the students every day activities.

Key figures

Built volume

4.200 m³

Built surface

1.400 m2

Project duration


Construction period

5 months

Our missions

  • Project scope
  • Project management
  • Design coordination
  • Permitting
  • Execution design
  • Budget management
  • Construction site management
  • Construction works
  • Project preparation
  • Financing services
  • Facility management

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