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High School ISL 1 – extension

Building owner

International School of Luxembourg ISL



On the basis of a reliable partnership with ISL, Paul Wurth Geprolux was asked to work with the architect to not only design the house but do a feasibility study to widen the existing building ISL 1. The project expansion accounted for 20 supplementary class-rooms, for instance for artistic and musical studios. In 2009, ISL awarded the job of project management to Paul Wurth Geprolux.

Key figures

Built volume

10.500 m3

Built surface

2.400 m2

Project duration

2008 – 2010

Construction period

2009 – 2010

Our missions

  • Project scope
  • Project preparation
  • Project management
  • Design coordination
  • Budget management
  • Contract management
  • Construction site management
  • Works coordination
  • Commissioning

Our services

Design team


Lucien Zbiorczyk

Civil Engineer

GK Engineering

Technical Engineer

Citeg / Paul Wurth Geprolux

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