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Lycée Bel-Val (high school), modelling of an existing building, in Revit digital models

Building owner

Le Fonds Belval


Sanem, Luxembourg

The Bel-Val high school was opened in 2011 and  accommodates up to 1,500 students in classical, technical and professional secondary education in the heart of the urban park, which connects the Belval-Ouest residential area to the Square Mile.

The optimisation of the management and maintenance of the buildings through digital models is part of the Fonds Belval’s digitalization strategy. In this context, the Fonds Belval wanted to create a digital model of the Lycée Bel-Val.


Paul Wurth Geprolux has been given the task of scanning specific premises and modelling the building, including the technical premises and the outdoor facilities. This mission is divided into 3 phases:

– 3D scanning of specific premises

– Creation of a global Revit digital model divided into two sub-models: architectural and special techniques

– Addition of technical information to the models

Key figures

Gross Volume

185.000 m³

Gross Surface

40.300 m2

Outdoor surface

42.700 m2

Project duration


Our missions

BIM coordination

Quality control of models

3D field scanning

3D modelling

3D scanning and modelling supervision (Architecture)

Supervision of 3D scanning and modelling (Special techniques)

Addition of information to the model, by detailed analysis of the technical documentation provided

The missions was carried out in partnership

Our services

Design team


Atelier d’Architecture et de Design Jim Clemes

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