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Swimming pool high school Hubert Clement (L.H.C)

Building owner

Administration of public buildings



The upgrade of the swimming pool had an economical and environmental goal. The architecture particularly takes into consideration a conceptual design aiming to warranty more comfort to the visitors of the swimming pool, and an improvement of the acoustic as well. Regarding sustainability, the majority of the materials are reusable and eco-friendly.

Paul Wurth Geprolux was entrusted in the mission of Project Manager for the whole transformations, the revitalisation project, and the establishment of a new energy concept for the building as well.

Key figures

Built volume

15.000 m3

Built surface

4.800 m2

Project duration

2008 - 2010

Construction period

2009 – 2010

Our missions

  • Program document
  • Project preparation
  • Project management
  • Energy concept
  • Project design
  • Authorizations
  • Contract management
  • Construction site management
  • Coordination of the works
  • Acceptance
  • Optimization of the consumptions

Design team


AM Braun & Weisgerber

Civil Engineer


Technical Engineer

Paul Wurth Geprolux en coopération avec Betic

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