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Credit Agricole Group – Physical measurement

Building owner

Crédit Agricole Group



The purpose consisted in the physical surveying (measuring) of the surfaces for the buildings currently occupied, at a reduced cost and as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the 3D scanning modern technology which was selected, the cost and the time for taking measurements the traditional way (by a geometer) was divided by four. The 3D scanner generates a cloud of points, representing the real building to centimetre accuracy.

This cloud is then used as a reference point for the establishment of drawings in AutoCAD. By using these technologies it enabled a high precision of the on-site measurement taking and also a quick execution of the drawings.

Key figures

Gross volume

31.293 m3

Gross surface

10.431 m2

Project duration

2017-2018 (2 months)

Our missions

  • Preliminary investigations
  • Project preparation
  • Indoor 3D scanning of 5 buildings
  • 2D design of the surfaces B.A.C.S.
  • 2D design of the surfaces S.U.B.
  • Surface area ratio per building

Our services

Design team

General planner

Paul Wurth Geprolux

Technical planner

Paul Wurth Geprolux in collaboration with GlobeZenit

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