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Demolition of ArcelorMittal thermal plant Esch

Building owner




The thermal power plant, occupying four buildings, located in “Terres rouges” in Esch-sur-Alzette was built at the beginning of the 1950’s to produce electric power from blast furnace gases.

As part of the dismantling and demolition works, asbestos removal operations were necessary.

Paul Wurth Geprolux established the works and coordinated the engineering offices in charge of carrying out the asbestos removal. Every structure had to be demolished down to the ground floor slabs.

Paul Wurth Geprolux took on the task of being the technical assistant, and Project Manager for the building owner (client).

Key figures

Gross volume (demolition)

145.000 m3

Gross surface (demolition)

5.500 m2

Engineering duration

03.2012 – 03.2013

Siteworks duration

06.2013 – 11.2014

Our missions

  • Establishment of the specifications regarding the demolition works
  • Monitoring of the additional asbestos investigations
  • Analyse of the asbestos audit
  • Permissions
  • Contact with the Authorities
  • Monitoring of the operations for pre-cleaning of asbestos
  • Contract management
  • Organisation / Management of the phase for engineering

Design team


Paul Wurth Geprolux / Luxcontrol (specification for asbestos removal)

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