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Building owner

European Parliament



The new building ensemble “Konrad Adenauer 2” of the European Parliament includes several office buildings with 5 floors as well as an office tower with 14 floors. Under the building there are 4 basements with building services and parking areas. The new office complex offers space for around 3000 employees and includes offices, libraries, a conference centre, a training centre, restaurants, sports facilities, a crisis centre, the data centre, medical equipment, a print room, logistics areas and green spaces.

Paul Wurth Geprolux monitors the project budget and construction cost development, supervises the payment plan, carries out the financial requirements planning and releases the payments to the executing companies. Furthermore, a status report is prepared on a regular basis.

Key figures

Gross surface new building

~ 160.000 m2

Gross surface old building

~ 66.500 m2

Project duration

2003 - 2022

Our missions

  • Implementation on an own PWGP software for cost monitoring, preparation of documents for cost management
  • Checking and partial release of payments
  • Budget tracking and cost management of the project
  • Management of admendments and addidtional orders for the project
  • Preparation of the final statement
  • Reporting and information flow for the building owner

Design team


Phase APD: Heinle Wischer und Partner A.M. Tetra Kayser Associés - Art & Built-Studio Valle

Civil Engineer

SGI Consulting

Technical Engineer

A.M. RMC Consulting - Felgen & Associés Engineering-EGIS

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