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Luxembourg Airport- Terminal A

Building owner




5.000m2 of glass architecture, 3.500 tons of steel shell, 50.000m3 of concrete and 1.100 tons of steel structure were neccessary to build this facility. The terminal has a modern design which has a functionality to handle up to 3 million passengers a year and is one of the most competitive in terms of quality, comfort and security.

Key figures

Built volume

272.000 m3

Built surface

40.000 m2

Project duration

2000 - 2009

Construction period

2003 – 2008

Our missions

  • Project preparation
  • Projet management
  • Design coordination
  • Demolition study
  • Permitting
  • Budget management
  • Contract management
  • Construction site management
  • Commissioning
  • Works coordination

Our services

Design team


Paczowski & Fritsch

Civil Engineer

Schroeder & Ass

Technical Engineer

Felgen & Ass., Jean Schmit Eng.

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