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Masterplan – Quartier Hollerich

Building owner

GIE d’études pour le développement de Hollerich (Paul Wurth & Heintz van Landewyck)



In 2013 Paul Wurth and Heintz van Landewyck form a design joint-venture in order to develop its industrial sites in the heart of Luxembourg city to create a new business and residential district. The mixed area will consist of a residential area for about 4.500 residents, a number of administrative buildings as well as a large area reserved for shopping and leisure activities. Special attention is paid to the sustainable development. This area will be connected to the other districts by the new tramway in Luxembourg.

Key figures

Surface of the site

~21 ha total

Gross floor area

~400.000 m2

Our missions

  • Project scope
  • Feasibility study
  • Assessment of Masterplan Architecture
  • Masterplan Energy
  • Permits
  • Decommissioning activities
  • Contract management
  • Marketing

Design team

Urban planning

Paczowski & Fritsch / Albert Speer & Partner

Landscape architect


Traffic studies


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