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Paul Wurth S.A. former headquarters

Building owner

Paul Wurth S.A.



The following technologies: BIM, 3D scanning and building modeling were chosen in this general project of technical and architectural rehabilitation. The goal: to obtain a high quality in studies and works.

These technologies will streamline the integration of this project in the future Hollerich district and also provide a link to a software solution for monitoring the maintenance of this building.

Key figures

Gross volume

11 200 m3

Gross surface

1 350 m2

Project duration

2017- en cours

Our missions

  • Preliminary studies
  • Project preparation
  • Summary of preliminary studies
  • 3D scanning inside and outside
  • REVIT modeling of the existing LOD300
  • REVIT modeling of A.P.S. LOD300
  • Studies and integrations of 3D techniques (in progress)
  • Cost estimation

Design team

General planification

Paul Wurth Geprolux

Technical planification

Paul Wurth Geprolux in collaboration with GlobeZenit

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