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Upgrade of the water treatment plant Beggen

Building owner

Municipality of Luxembourg


Luxembourg, Beggen

The upgrade and transformation of the existing WTP in Beggen had a goal on the one hand to increase its capacity by taking into account the demographic evolutions of the town Luxembourg and peripheral localities, and on the other hand to significantly contribute to the improvement of water quality of the effluents released by the station. The steps of the wastewater treatment are:

  • Mechanical treatment (screening, grit removal, de-oiling)
  • Retention of storm water before primary treatment stage
  • Primary treatment with clarifier
  • Biological treatment by Biostyr®

The produced sludge is treated by thickening/flotation while the foul air is cleaned and electric energy is produces with a micro-turbine station

Key figures

Capacity (Equivalent Population)


Daily nominal flow rate (m3/day)


Project duration


Our missions

  • Preliminary services / establishment of a « Scoping » document with the aim to obtain a principle agreement from the Administrations responsible to deliver the permissions
  • Establishment of the consolidated request for Commodo-Incommodo authorization taking into account the observations of the Authorities regarding environmental and safety aspects

Our services

Design team


Atelier d’Architecture Bruno Miranda

Technical Engineer

Dr.-Ing. Jedele und Partner / TR-Engineering

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