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Center for Senior Citizens (CIPA)

Building owner

Municipality of Sanem / Ministry of Family and Integration



This new integrated Senior Center can accommodate 120 people and will have different therapeutic areas, residential and public areas, kitchens and restaurants. Paul Wurth Geprolux was chosen as lead contractor following an architectural competition organized in 2007. This eco-friendly project has been designed with maximum energy efficiency and a minimized carbon footprint.

Key figures

Built volume

45.000 m3

Built surface

12.500 m2

Project duration

2007 - 2012

Construction period

2009 – 2012

Our missions

  • Project scope
  • Project preparation
  • Project management
  • Permitting
  • Budget management
  • Contract management
  • Construction site management
  • Works coordination
  • Commissioning

Design team


ARBN, Micher Petit Architecte

Civil Engineer

Schroeder & Associés

Technical Engineer

Jean Schmit Engineering

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